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Property Company operating premium Serviced Offices across Southern England

Our client is a medium sized property company operating a number of premium business centres across southern England.

SO Advice were initially approached by the client as they felt that their market positioning, occupancy and pricing had suffered during the recession years from 2008, and had not sufficiently recovered, despite the recent economic upturn.

The brief given by the client to SO Advice was to provide them with sufficient business intelligence and background information, alongside a review of their sales and marketing process, to enable them to streamline their processes and raise their prices back to a level where they had been previously.

The main challenge for the client, and for SO Advice, was that one of their main locations was situated in a town with a highly-developed, competitive serviced office market, and our client felt that raising their prices in isolation of their competitors could put them at a serious competitive disadvantage, leading potentially to a loss of clients, and having an adverse effect on occupancy levels.

SO Advice were able to thoroughly investigate their market positioning and sales effectiveness in context of the local competition, and produced a bespoke report for our client, that compared not only their strengths and weaknesses, but also centre capacities, centre occupancy levels, additional client facilities, comparative office numbers and floor areas

Our report, which included a detailed review of their current sales and marketing processes, allowed our client to take a highly positive comparative view of their own position and strengths in the local market. This in turn gave their management and sales team the confidence to apply upward pressure on workstation rates, which we are delighted to report has ultimately returned the centre back to profitability.

Martin Halling & James Tatham

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